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– Go to a movie alone #Bucket-list

Born to be Wild was an amazing documentary about 2 real life inspiring women, about how they dedicate their lives to rescue, adopt and raise orphaned orangutans (Dr. Birute Galdikas) and elephants (Daphne Sheldrick) until they’re old enough to live independently and set free to the wild.

With a breathtaking and captivating cinematography, there are lots of beautiful scenes that will make you smile and shed some tears at the same time just to see how remarkable a bond between humans and animals can be.

This was a 40 minutes of reminder for us as humans, that we are actually connected to the nature – to the earth and all living beings around us, we are all mutual. And to learn a sincere love and how it works.

Born to be loved. Born to be free. Born to be wild.


– kar