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Last week, I went on a short one-day trip with a friend to a waterfall nearby our hometown, it’s called curug panjang; curug means waterfall and panjang means long. Apparently it’s called long waterfall because the stream formed by 4 small waterfalls.

Curug panjang located at Mega Mendung, it took us around 30mins from Bogor (a town near Jakarta) and around 15-20mins to the entrance of the waterfall after we pass through a quite long yet kinda small road where at some point the road can only be passed by one car.

Luckily we’re ride a motorcycle, so its easier and faster to reach the place. Ugh oh, the views along the way through the waterfall was beautiful and the cool breeze just makes it perfect! :)

At first, we planned to go to the upper waterfall, because my friend told me that its more secluded there. fewer people. We need to pass through the river, but right after it started to rain and we found a dead-end because the way kinda blocked by some big rocks, we have to change our plan – get back to the long waterfall and find the right place to prepare our lunch because its lunch time already! yay!

We cooked our own lunch! Well unexpectedly, my friend brought his small camping-portable stove with instant noodles just for the sake of the adventure feeling in our short trip. But hey, although our lunch was only instant noodle, it tasted hundred times better. tasty!

I love the ambience there. the sound of the water. the trees. everything. it keeps me calm and at peace. <3

It was a great day after all. \o/

Notes. The entrance fee is Rp.8.000,- per person equals to around $0.80 only.

– kar