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warning people! *wink*

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

Part 1 – Buy a backpack! #Bucket-list

“Do you want to join us to hike and camp at mt. Gede Pangrango sometimes around next month?”

A question that I’ve been waiting for quite a while after my friend left me on his previous hike to mt. Salak because the timing was mismatched with my schedule.

Well, hiking and camping always been one of the things that I wanted to do since I was in high school, but back then I have no enough courage, money and friends who share the same interest.

Now that I’ve met a friend who has the same hobbies of having some ‘random-getaway’ trip, it’s hard for me to have the ‘right-time’ to go and join his plan because it’s kinda hard to take a constant leave in every 2 or 3 weeks at my workplace.

What a life, right? when I have the time, I’ve got no money – now that I can collect the money by myself, it’s hard for me to have the free time to escape from the routine life.

Anyway, back to the camping plan..

..ha! after confirmed that I’m joining his plan, I realized that I DON’T HAVE (yes in bold-capital) any basic hiking gear and I only got several weeks to collect everything, and I don’t have the good timing to buy those gear since I’m working and I don’t know any hiking gear shop nearby my place, and this, and that.. what if this and what if that.. omg, there are lots of things going on in my mind at that time.

>> Here’s the list of the basic things that I need to buy and bring <<

1. Backpack + rain cover

2. Mattress

3. Sleeping bag

4. Raincoat (in case of raining)

5. Jackets, sweater, gloves, socks, beanie (my friend said it would be so cold up there because of the wind)

6. Water (min. 3 ltrs) and instant foods

7. Other (personal things, wet and dry tissue, medicine)

One of the dilemma was “although I really.. really wanted to buy and have a backpack for quite a long time, what if after I buy the backpack, I won’t really use it continuously after this hike. It would be such a waste since the good backpack kinda costly.” but then I change my mindset just to make myself sure, “I hope that this backpack would be my first step to lots of journey ahead of me.”

It’s funny for me to see myself in this “I want to but what if..” dilemma situation though. :))

But hey! finally, I went to buy things with my friend and his friends that also still need to buy some hike-gear. Here’s the list of the things that I finally bought (in one day):

1. Backpack + rain cover

I got a 60L+15L backpack! a local brand product, cost me around $50 – IDR 499.000,- (my budget was within this price, so i’m pretty happy to finally found this. :))

I bought the rain cover separately, cost me $8 – IDR 80.000,-

80L rain-cover.

2. Mattress

A plain black mattress. It cost me around $3.5 – IDR 35.000,-

3. Sleeping bag

I bought the multipurpose sleeping bag made of polyester/ mono fibre with fleece polar layer inside, where we can spread it as blanket or zip it up as a cocoon for us to sleep.

It cost me around $11 – IDR 110.000,-

So, the total cost I spent was around $72.5 – IDR 724.000,- 

introducing the new crew! \o/


Based on my research, there are 2 type of backpack:

1. Top Loading

2. Front Loading

The differences between those two only the way we load the stuff inside the backpack. Whether it is the top or front-side loading, I guess both type are equally the same, they’ve plus minus side as well. So, basically it’s depending on the person who’ll buy.

The front load gives a full front access to things inside your backpack, but some says that the top loading is more durable. So, it’s not about which type is better; it’s more about which type is the best for you?

As for the volume, it’s again depending on the person BUT here’s for you just to consider XP

Smaller volume = smaller size = lighter weight = easier to carry.


As well for the sleeping bag, there are 2 type of it in the store where I bought mine (so I don’t know if it has only 2 type or more), and because I don’t know what they’re called, I came up with this:

1. Cocoon type – Visualize it only as a cocoon.

2. Blanket with zip type – Visualize it as a blanket with zip on the side where you can use it as a plain blanket with hood or just simply zip it out as a cocoon. (for me it’s like a 2 in 1 sleeping bag)

Though I’m sure that both have plus minus side as well, I personally chose the 2 in 1 sleeping bag, because of its function.