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between the mist.

Part 2 – Go hiking and camping! #Bucket-list

Mt. Gede Pangrango National Park located in West Java, Indonesia. It’s still within the regency of Bogor, Cianjur and Sukabumi. It has 3 different route which gives a full access to the top of the mt. Gede, they are Cibodas, Gunung Putri, and Salabintana routes. 2 of the routes are more well-known for hikers who come whether they’re new or professional.

Cibodas route is a more safe and passable route; most of the beginner chose this route to hike, because with 9 hours travel time estimation straight to the top of Mt. Gede, the route will pass through some attractions along the way, such as Telaga Biru (blue lake), Cibeureum waterfall, Kandang Badak, hot spring and other more.

the stairway to heaven! seriously, it’s like heaven up there in the Suryakencana meadow. :)

The other one is Gunung Putri route, the route that my friends and I chose to hike. Actually most of the hikers choose this route to climb down, because beside it has a steep trail, it’s nothing like the Cibodas route with all the attraction; in this route, what seen as far as the eye could see is only trees. *some of the surrounding scenery quite remind me to the twilight movie* (well, it would be great if Edward Cullen was really there and brought us to the top of the mountain. lol.)


Back to the route.

It was a great experience after all, although the route was really drain out our strength, mentally and physically – especially for me. (to be honest I haven’t been really exercising in the past few months, so.. yeah..)

Long story short, we finally arrived at the alun- alun Suryakencana (Suryakencana meadow) at 9p.m after 9 hours of hike when it should be only around 6 hours. We immediately set up the tent, clean up, changed clothes, and slept without having our dinner because we’re all already exhausted.

the east-side morning-view!

On the second day, we just knew that we’re actually set the camp in the wrong side of the meadow! That explain all the strong and cold wind that blew through the whole night. So, here’s the thing; the meadow actually divided into two side with only 30 minutes walking-distance from the east to west.

heaven does exist.

In spite of it all, the scenery in the east was breathtaking! it made us forget with what we’ve been through the night before; the long exhausting night was all gone! :) Oh, plus there are lots lots and lots of edelweiss flower spreading all over the meadow! And on our way to the west-side, there’s a scenery of green hills that surround the meadow. Awesome yet soothing in some ways. Could you imagine any of that?

the edelweiss.

our camping spot on the west side!

Unfortunately, because of the mist, we couldn’t see the sunset and the stars at night. Too bad, because what I’ve heard was it would be amazing if we could see those stars sprinkled and sparkling all over the sky.

I’m not sure, whether it’s just my luck or what, but in exchange of the mist-covered sky, I got the view that I won’t forget. like forever.. –> thick mist + dark surrounding + tents all around the meadow + flashlights (some of the hikers still turn on their flashlight) = looks exactly like the stars that scattered surrounding us! on the ground. pretty!

Last but not least. The sunrise on our last day!! It’s a must. right?


So, we woke up at 5a.m. and waiting for the sunrise. took some pictures and drink hot chocolate while enjoying our last day there. heaven. <3

just a random photo we took on our last day :)

We couldn’t made it to the top this time, because one of our friend injured. So, till we meet again mt. Gede! We’ll come back and we’ll make it to the top for sure! :)

>> read the preparation in ‘The beginning – Part 1’ post.

1. Make sure that you have the permit (SIMAKSI) to hike. You can apply it online here.

2. Check this out. Since it was made at 2007, there are few changes applied such as price for sure. (My permit in 2012 was IDR 7,000 equal to $ 0.70) But the information other than that are quite useful, don’t you think?

3. The east-side of Suryakencana meadow is not the ideal place to set a camp. why? beside the strong wind, this side has no water sources