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reaching the finish line!

– Run a marathon! #Bucket-list

“The miracle is not that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” -John Bingham

I know that this 5k run was not a marathon. But, I considered this as my ‘run a marathon’ bucket-list because this was the moment that I believe will lead me to the actual marathon in the future. (Well, at least I’ve been in one of this kind of event, it made me happy just to experienced running with lots of other runners wearing bib number.)

I’m not sure where should I start; but as long as I remember, there was one moment in my college time when my friends and I nearly sign up for a marathon event. We didn’t though, because there’s not much information provided and that made us change our mind.

Here I am, several years later, sign up for an event by Adidas titled “King of the Road”. I knew this event from an Indonesian runner community on twitter, and you know what? I sign up on the very last day of the registration.

My lucky number 5396! (ignore the ‘m’ which stands for man, it should be a ‘w’ I know, I guess they mixed up and I didn’t even realized it till several days later. haha.)

Long story short, I started my own exercise by jog around half an hour in the morning. Well, although it’s not a regular exercise, but I can feel the differences between each exercise that I did. The first was the worst. I’m out of my breath easily, and I walk more instead of jog. Then it gets better each time, I started to feel that my breath getting stable, I jog longer and faster.

ready to jog!

I only got the chance to do 7 exercises before the actual event. And each of every exercises was all worth it! (It was only 2 weeks between my registration with the event) Anyway, I also made my own playlist to accompany me along my 5k, and also to keep my pace in the right beat.

My exercises and the song playlist.

– – –

SUNDAY, 16.09.2012 – the event!

02.20a.m – Woke up and get ready.

03.15a.m – The shuttle bus that provided by the event took off follow its schedule.

04.15a.m – Arrived at the event (BSD Serpong), meet up with some new people, re-registrate my bib number, stretching up, get ready.

05.30a.m – The 16.8km run was the first to start. 10k was the second. (15min differences between each run)

06.10a.m – It’s our turn!!!! the 5k runner!

– – –

The crowd’s ready from 5 a.m in the morning.

I’ve got to tell you that my first 2.5k there on the run was exhausting! I constantly run out of my breath, and a part of my stomach hurt (feels like when you run after you eat or drink). But the thought of other runners are leaving me behind if I slow down motivated me, so I kept running and tried to keep my pace and voila my breath getting stable and I get to the finish line in 37 minutes!

2k more!

I know it’s only a 5k run, but I wouldn’t forget the overjoyed and thrilled feeling as I got closer to the finish line. Nearly got me into tears. So, thank you other runners! all of you are my motivation to keep on going. Oh! not to forget! the sunrise! yes, the sunrise which accompanying us through our run. Beautiful! I never thought that I would be in that situation. I’m grateful for it. Thank you universe! :)

The beautiful sunrise.

the finish line!

In the end, those exercises that I’ve done was really really help.

with our 5k finisher medal. (me on the right side)

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.”
-Juma Ikangaa, 1989 NYC Marathon winner

ps. I never thought that some of the picture I took would turn out this great. So happy!


– kar