Robinson, Holly. A mom who wrote a blog post titled ‘Why I Told My Daughter to Quit Her Job’

I know that it’s still mid November, but hey! after several months, I finally got a new job. I’m gonna start this new job at the beginning of December. I must say that I’m looking forward for the new place and new environments! Just can’t wait to start. Hope that I can catch things up and always do my best with courage and confidence.

I know that like I said in my previous post ‘WHAT PREVENTS YOU FROM LIVING THE WAY YOU WANT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE?’, I’ve been stuck for a quite long time here, that I don’t even feel that my current workplace is the right place for me to grow. I know I’ve said all of that.. that is why I keep on sending CVs, portfolios, and never give up.. but well, it’s not that easy to move on from my current workplace as well. Why? because it has been like a family to me for nearly 2 years, and I realize whenever I look back, I know that I’ve learn a lot from the people back in here. It’s a chapter that already written in my book and can never be erased. :’)

For some reasons, I’m glad and grateful for all things that happened in this nearly 2 years time. I’m grateful for all the laugh, the tears, the anger, and also the confusion. I hope that each of us will grow in our own way, realize our goal in life and enjoy the journey towards that goal.

Oh new place, please be good! :D

Thank you, life.

Notes. That quote made me sure that I took the right decision. I hope it will always be a reminder for me whenever I have to make or take any decision in the future. Thank you Mrs. Holly Robinson, wherever you are, for those words.. yes, words that help me.

– kar