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a nice kwetiau for dinner!

a nice kwetiau for dinner!

Today’s 8 things to be grateful for:

1. I didn’t over slept although I woke up a bit late today.

2. Had lunch with different group that I used to had lunch with (this mean that I mingle more with other colleagues! *happy* :))

3. We played monopoly at the office today! YES, MONOPOLY the board game! :D *holiday mood alert!* \o/

4. Had some idea for my personal project.

5. Got some insight from a colleague about how to overcome the problem when we’re stuck and have no ideas at all. Thank you, sir! for being a friend and a mentor at the same time. I’m glad that I discussed it with you :)

6. Ate a nice kwetiau for dinner. *slurp*

7. Went back home safely from the office.

8. Keep my spirit high! \m/


What I learn today is when we are open, everyone around us would be open to us, welcoming us as well as we are to them. I think, that is why there is a saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated.”

When we are kept on positive attitude and energy towards ourselves and others, things are going to be okay. So, all of us should keep on positive! :)

Thank you universe for the lesson! _/\_