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Here are my 8 things to be grateful for yesterday:

1. Hello friday! It’s our last day of work! I’m happy! :D

2. Finally my client decide on something! yes, makes things easier.

3. I had a crazy lunch with a friend. It was crazy because of the chili, it was one of the hottest and spicy chili I’ve ever had, I guess.. And it’s even crazier because we keep on talking about our perspective (at things/ at peoples, and he opens up my mind with his perspective) while we couldn’t even take the heat in our mouth and we just keep on drinking our ice tea. It’s fun, at least for us. :)

4. I’m finished my work on time! yay.

5. Some colleague brought food to the office for all of us! Thank you, you the one who brought foods for us! _/\_

6. Another monopoly time in our last day of working! so much fun.

7. Thank you traffic jam for making me and some friends had a quality time to get to know each other more! :)

8. A friend treat us a korean dinner for his early christmas present for us. how nice! Merry early christmas to you too, friend. Thank you for that wonderful christmas dinner! :)

And that wonderful dinner ends my day with a very satisfied tummy! And one last thing, I’m grateful that yesterday, someone reminded me to see things in big picture, that there are always two sides to every story.

Anyway, happy holiday everyone! Thank you universe for today.