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Here are my 8 gratitude for today!

1. Got a body-massage today! Really need that to loosen up my muscle a bit.

2. Ate one of the best home-made lunch by mom. :D

3. Went dinner with my family. <3

4. Open up lots of things with my family. I hope that our communication getting better and better to each other. I love ’em so much! I’m glad that despite our lack of communication to each other, deep in each of our heart, we’re actually always care and look after at each other. 4 of ’em are everything I could ever asked for. _/\_

5. A friend send me some pictures of news about shark on the today’s newspaper. As I’m joining a mission to save the sharks, what she shared was a very helpful information.

6. Tomorrow is still a holiday! The whole week! yay. haha :)

7. That’s mean I can do whatever I want this whole week! I have.. no I NEED to de-clutter my room! – lots of quality time with my family – finish some projects – and HAVE FUN! \m/

8. I’m grateful for everything that happened today, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Thank you universe, for giving us a chance to listen to each other, I believe that everything happen for a reason, a good reason, eh? :)

Good night!