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the year of 2012!

the year of 2012!

And here it is, 31st of December, the last day of 2012! Therefore I just want to reflect back and remember on what I have done throughout the year.


The year with the ups and downs, tears and laugh.

The year where we’re welcoming our new family member! a handsome newly-born nephew from my sister. :)


The year where I started this blog. The year where I did some of my bucket-list >> my very first hike and camp, and also my very first 5k run. The year where I take a step to move on from my comfort zone and pursue a new job, a new work environment.


The year where I learn a lot from the people around me. I learned that actually there’s no right or wrong in life, everything’s subjective, its all depends on what glasses each of the people are wearing.

“A pen is a pen for us who learn and know that it is a pen. But a pen can be anything else in the eye of a dog, it can be a stick or a bone, maybe? Or what a pen means to a prehistoric man? a magic wand, maybe? (because it’s magical for them to write or draw something without using rock)” Schwarze, Guido

Why? Because everyone have different way of looking at things, and it was influenced by what they watch, listen, eat, smell, read, their hobbies, the culture, the experiences, the environment, and many more. That is why everyone is unique.

And hey, really, don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m glad that I met lots of people who taught me a lot throughout the year.


The year where I got a new job! :D after several months of searching for another place to work, I finally move.. The year where I was reminded to live more in the present moment. Reminded that things going to be alright and when it’s not alright? it’s okay to cry.. :’)


The year where I join a competition with a mission. To save the ocean by saving the sharks. I did lots of things that I never thought I would do before, from making an informal survey for my personal references, made a short video campaign ‘Save Sharks, Save The Ocean, Save Our Future’ (It’s in Indonesian but basically the message is to show and remind the viewer of how magical, colorful and beautiful the ocean and sea life are, would we willing to lose all those beauty just for a bowl of shark-fin soup? really? please think twice.), and I even socialize this issue in public using a power-point presentation! Yes, that was something new for me, like seriously, to do a public speaking and talking about an issue that I stand for in front lots of people, took me lots of courage since I get nervous easily when it comes to this kind of activity.

Anyway, I definitely will share a lot more things about ‘why we should save the sharks?’ and ‘what the least we can do to save the sharks and the ocean?’ in some other posts.

Bye 2012! Thank you for everything that happened! :)


– kar