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Sunset at Wayag, Raja Ampat - West Papua.

Sunset at Wayag, Raja Ampat – West Papua.

Omg, I haven’t update my blog since New year.. *long pause* I know that I should’ve been more persistence.. but.. *Okay, no more excuses kar.. it’s better for you to list your eight gratitude rather than making excuses.. *self-talk*

Okayyy, there’re actually too many awesome and crazy things that happened last month and I’m grateful and thankful for those things. So, without further ado, here’s my eight gratitude for January 2013! :)

1. I won a competition! A Nescafe Journey 2 competition held by Nescafe. After nearly 3 months of hoping and trying my best, it was a very surprising moment when I found out that I was one of the winner! Still couldn’t believe it.. dreams really do come true when you grab and hold on to it, eh? :D

2. The winner of the competition will go for 2 weeks to places that related with the chosen mission (I chose ‘Save the Ocean’ mission, turns out that we went to Raja Ampat! known as the “Amazon of the ocean” in Southeast Asia, the only shark and manta ray sanctuary in Indonesia!) and lucky me! I got 3 weeks off from my current workplace! (I’m still a full-time freelancer here, but still.. :D)

3. I did some dive at Raja Ampat – West Papua, Indonesia and fell in love with it! Best part was, I learned from the best, 2 awesome dive master who are willingly shared their experiences about lots of things with me.. Thank you Teh Riyanni and Om Saka! :*

4. I met manta ray! Lots of ’em!! Still can imagine when I saw them swam beautifully under me in the ocean, especially the ones with some small yellow fishes who followed them everywhere they go.. Breathtaking! They’re dancing in the water! Breathtaking moment! :’D

5. I met lots of new people through this journey! Lots of new things learned from them.

6. I learned more about the ocean and the ecosystem, see lots of new creatures underwater and now fell-deeply in love with it a lot more than I ever did! :*

7. Enjoyed a double rainbow, beautiful sunrises and sunsets while we’re at Raja Ampat! Yeahhhh! Thank you for being so beautiful, oh universe! :D

8. Above all, I learned that dreams do come true if we grab and hold on to it, do our best, trust our guts and dare to take risks! :’))

“Sometimes you have to move backward to get a step forward.” – Amar Gopal Bose


– kar