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my kind of 2013!

my kind of 2013!


It’s been 5 months since my last post! omg, what a very hectic months back then, eh? I realized it, yet nothing I can do about it. But now, here I am, in Misool, Raja Ampat – West Papua volunteering for 3 months in Baseftin and I finally have some me time and start to write again. Yeah, I’m happy! :)

Anyway, lots of things happened in the last 5 months back in Jakarta, but well, for whatever has happened.. Thank you. I’m grateful for everything that happened to me, for each and everyone that I met throughout the year – friends and family who are always open and so supportive to me. I’m grateful. Very grateful for those great things in 2013 and I’m pretty sure that am gonna embrace 2014 with all of its possibilities and mysteries. :))

I’m also hoping that everyone have great things happened in 2013 and wishing everyone to keep on having good time, positive thoughts and smiling face throughout 2014!

So, let’s thank 2013 for everything and welcome 2014 with open arms! Please do keep on rocking again this year! Stay cool and remember, sometime risks help you move forward, just be brave and always trust your guts! #selfnote \m/


– Karin