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Blacktip-shark babies!

Blacktip-shark babies!

OMAGAHH! They said, amazing things always happened when you least expect them, and it’s true!

Wednesday, 19th February 2014, as I did my casual snorkeling, I finally got my first encounter with the sharks.. in Misool, and its underwater! Yes, my first five! Well, after around a month I only bump into several blacktip-shark babies at seashore, this time, I met with some ‘one meter long’ sharks. Yay!

So here’s the story, I was concentrating on a big grouper which open its wide mouth with some small fishes inside it. I’m just so curious with it, while keep on murmuring to myself about why I didn’t bring my camera.. until a shark was passing gracefully behind the grouper and go around me till I lost sight of it. It was amazing, to be honest, I felt that there’s fear in me for a split second because I’m all alone and facing the giants right in front of me.

But, they’re all amazing creature, after all! So, all I did just appreciated the moment.

I wished for more encounter with the sharks and am going keep my eyes wide open so that I would be aware when they’re passing around. It was, indeed, a great afternoon for me.

I’m hoping to bump into more blacktip-sharks in the future.. with my camera of course! :)


– kar