routine escaper’s short profile

Hi there!

greetings from wherever I am now. :))

Personal-development and inspired by lots, lots, and lots of great blogs out there, are 2 main reasons for me to start a blog. And the fact that I am now starting to fall in love with writing makes another reason to start.

‘routinescape’ is a simple two words mixing: routine + escape

In short, I want this blog as a journal of my personal development through all of the things/ activities that I’ve done/ experiences include my bucket-list, travel journey, or just to share things I found randomly as my escape from the routines.

Ugh oh, forgot to mention that I am a multimedia-graphic designer graduate, who love to travels, to experience and gain lots of new perspective, to learn and learn and learn also be open for anything the universe has to offer and let me grow along with it.

I have always had this dream to travel the world, and one day, for sure, I will walking on my dream! *finger-crossed*

“It’s neither good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
(William Shakespeare)

thanks for reading!

hope y’ll enjoy my blog if you happen to stop by :)



– kar


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