Half of my ‘still working on’ bucket-list.

I consider these bucket-list as one of the reason for me to do things, either just to spice up or reminds me to live life to the fullest, to just GO FOR IT! because life is short and well, I want to experience, that’s my main reason.. to experience.

Although this is a ‘still working on’ bucket-list, I’m pretty happy because I finally wrote this down and got like 50 of them here, although the rest are still on my mind and some notes. I made this last 2 months, if I’m not mistaken, and you know what? I did 5 of ‘em already! yaaayyy! :))

I’ll pour everything out later; about how, when and why I finally bought a backpack and a story about my very first time of hiking and camping, about what movie I watched, etc. I’m just too excited for everything now. \m/

A list will always be just a list. The act that makes all the differences. #selfnote

– kar